COVID-19 solutions: Stay open, stay healthy

Our COVID-19 solution delivers what employers and employees want most: safety and peace of mind. Whether your team is fully remote, in-person, or somewhere in between, Eden Health can protect your workforce with ongoing care. We provide up-to-the-minute snapshots of your workforce’s COVID-19 test results, clearances for work, and vaccination statuses — helping you plan your staffing needs accordingly.


Keep your people safe today — and every day.

Active daily monitoring

Eden’s screening keeps your workplace healthy by having symptomatic employees stay home, where our clinicians can offer instant guidance through our app.

At-home and onsite testing

We administer rapid tests and PCR swab tests at local facilities, by mail, or right in your own office with a pop-up clinic. Whatever method you choose, we make it easy and convenient to protect your workforce.

Digital vaccination records

Employees can easily view, store, and share their COVID-19 vaccination status in the Eden Health app — whether they were vaccinated at Eden Health or elsewhere.

Tracking daily employee health.

Eden’s employer dashboard empowers you to make informed, strategic decisions based on daily workforce availability. View your employee’s vaccination status, the results of active daily monitoring screenings, COVID-19 test results, and who’s onsite on any given day, all in one place.

Helping you plan beyond COVID.

Vaccine administration

Vaccines will be a critical tool as we work together to end the COVID-19 pandemic and resume a more normal day-to-day. Eden Health can administer COVID-19 vaccines to your employees at our medical offices or onsite at your workplace.

Guidance from a medical director

Your Eden medical director will collaborate with your executive team to safeguard your workforce and give you clear and consistent guidance on employee monitoring, testing, and ongoing care.

A full scope of care

As well as COVID-19 screening and vaccinations, Eden provides a full suite of health services. From primary care and mental health support to benefits navigation, employees can connect instantly with a clinician 24/7 on our app.

Need smart reopening advice? Get Eden’s comprehensive guide, free.

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Our in-depth, medically validated COVID-19 protocols handbook helps you:

  • Create an in-house COVID-19 task force
  • Deploy a system of active employee monitoring
  • Assess and mitigate workplace risk
  • Establish employee best practices
  • Create a communication plan
  • Implement a roll-out strategy for vaccinations

Deploy a custom, integrated COVID-19 back-to-work solution in as little as 2 weeks.

Find out how Eden has deployed over 400,000 screeners and curtailed over 1,500 potential superspreader events.