COVID-19 solutions: Staying open, staying healthy

It’s not easy managing a workforce during COVID-19, but Eden can help. We give you an up-to-the-minute snapshot showing healthy and symptomatic employees and current test results and even a way to manage your employees’ vaccinations, so you can make strategic staffing decisions in the moment. 


Keeping your people safe today—and every day.

Active daily monitoring

Eden’s screening keeps your workplace healthy by having symptomatic employees stay home, where our clinicians can offer instant guidance through our app.

At-home and onsite testing

When employees want or need to be tested, we can help. We can administer PCR swab tests by mail, at local facilities, or in your office—we’ll come to you.

Ongoing care for employees

If employees show symptoms of COVID-19 at any time, they can connect instantly with a clinician. We will coordinate in-person and virtual Care Team visits, benefits navigation, and medical specialists as needed.


Helping you plan for tomorrow—and beyond.

Tracking daily employee health

Eden’s employer dashboard empowers you to make informed strategic decisions based on daily workforce availability. On one screen you’ll see results of active daily monitoring, COVID-19 test results, and who’s onsite that day.

Guidance from a medical director

During these uncertain times, your Eden medical director will give you clear and consistent guidance on employee monitoring, testing, and care, collaborating with your executive team to safeguard your workforce and workplace. 

Vaccine administration

Eden Health is tracking the progress of several COVID-19 vaccines. When available, we will obtain doses of appropriate vaccines and help inoculate your workforce as needed.

A full scope of care

As well as COVID-19 screening and care, Eden provides a full suite of health services. These include  primary care (virtual and in person), mental health, and benefits navigation to support all employees, including affected individuals. 

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Our in-depth, medically validated COVID-19 protocols handbook helps you:

  • Create an in-house COVID-19 task force
  • Deploy a system of active employee monitoring
  • Assess and mitigate workplace risk
  • Establish employee best practices
  • Create a communication plan

Deploy a custom, integrated COVID-19 back-to-work solution in as little as 2 weeks.

Find out how Eden has deployed over 250,000 screeners and curtailed over 1,000 potential superspreader events.

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