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Employees can easily message their Care Team on the Eden Health app with any benefits question. A Healthcare Navigator will start digging into the issue on their behalf, taking the burden off of your department. Answers are just a tap away.

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Let us handle the complicated parts of healthcare for you.

When facing a health issue, having to find in-network referrals, schedule appointments, and review bills and insurance claims for accuracy can be confusing and time-consuming; an additional stressor during an already difficult time.

At Eden, our expert Healthcare Navigators are an integral component of an employee’s Care Team and are just as devoted to their health and financial wellbeing as their clinical counterparts.

Six Ways Healthcare Navigators Can Help:

  • Saving your team time
    answering employee
  • Guiding employees
    through open
  • Helping employees
    billing issues
  • Providing referrals
    to trusted,
    in-network specialists
  • Estimating costs for
    scheduled services
  • Alleviating stress, anxiety,
    and time spent on
    complex billing issues

Insurance Support

For employees, Healthcare Navigators bridge the gap between insurance companies and healthcare providers. They can help your workforce deal with — and better understand — concerns surrounding:

  • Plan deductibles and copays
  • Covered services, providers, and facilities
  • Your plan offerings and those of a spouse 
or dependent

Bill Advocacy

Bills from a provider can be frustrating and hard to understand, and dealing with them can require patience and knowledge. At an employee’s request, our Healthcare Navigators can:

  • Verify the accuracy of large and complex bills
  • Identify billing discrepancies and other clerical errors
  • Confirm if services are eligible for FSA reimbursement
  • Advocate for bill reductions when appropriate
  • Submit out-of-network insurance claims and claims appeals
  • Find savings on prescription medications

Care Coordination

Healthcare Navigators can also manage patient care, allowing your employees to focus on staying productive. Navigators can:

  • Assist in finding referrals if a patient’s care needs to be escalated
  • Coordinate prescription refills between the provider and pharmacy
  • Help transfer medical records from one provider to another

"Ninety-five percent of the time that we get a healthcare-related question or billing issue, I direct employees to Eden, and they take care of it."

— Harry's

“I utilize the Healthcare Navigators to find in-network providers because it takes so long to scrape our insurance company’s website to find them. It takes the burden off me that Eden Health does that and circles back once they find something.”

— Sage


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